Clothing/Important Tips

Clothing is a very important part of your portrait. We have the backgrounds and props to accommodate both casual and formal styles.

Stay away from stripes as they do not photograph well and will distract from your portrait. Long sleeves as well as solid colors usually look best.

Any clothing with prints or patterns should be very minimal or faint. Your face should be the primary focus in your portraits but with distracting clothing, this will not be

Do not wear white or any other really light colors for outdoor portraits. Also, do not wear greens as they will blend in, or conflict with the outdoor greens.

Best colors for outdoors are browns and tans, darker blues, darker yellows, pinks, teal, dark red, burgandy, and black. Please contact us if you have any
questions on colors.

Dark colors usually slim the body. Please do not mix dark and light articles of clothing in the same outfit. Darker clothes photograph best with darker backgrounds
while lighter clothes photograph best with lighter backgrounds. Also, we recommend darker clothes for black and white.

When choosing your outfits, try to pick the ones that will stay in style the longest. Trendy outfits will date your photograph when they go out of style.

Full length poses will show your feet so don’t forget to bring shoes/socks with your outfits. Also, don’t forget your accessories (belts, jewelry etc.)

PLEASE make sure your clothes are ironed. Wrinkles are hard to retouch (sometimes impossible) and is not included. Also, make sure your clothes fit. If your
clothes do not fit correctly then they will photograph that way.

Guys, make sure your suit or sports coat, as well as the collar on your dress shirts fit you properly.

Clothes that are borrowed from a family member or friend will rarely fit!

It is always best to bring some extra items of clothing and we will help you choose what looks best. If you have any doubts on clothing feel free to contact us or set
up a free clothing consultation.

Eye Glasses – IMPORTANT!

If you wear glasses please have your lenses removed or get a pair of solid frames without the lenses. Your optometrist can remove your lenses or loan you a
pair of blank frames like the ones you have. While our lighting methods will make you look your best, they will cause your lenses to reflect light resulting in large
spots of glare on your glasses. There is no way around this without using less flattering lighting techniques and sacrificing quality (which we NEVER do), or without
expensive retouching.

Other Important Tips

- Sunburn and tan lines are very difficult to retouch. Please stay out of the sun well in advance of your session (a week or two), or you may have to
reschedule your session.

- If you would like black and white portraits, please bring darker clothes, as they look best for black and white.

- Do not try a new hairstyle right before your session. If you change your hairstyle well in advance, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to change
back if you are not happy with it.

- Guys should be sure to shave before your session unless that is the look you are going for, as stubble cannot be retouched.

- Make sure to bring a variety of props such as a football, basketball, tennis racket/balls, cheerleading equipment, jersey, class ring, hats, helmets, guitar,
sporting equipment etc. More props will offer a greater variety in your portraits as well as describe your personality and style!