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Glamour Pixel Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) How much am I going to pay for my high school senior portraits?

A.) We have several different sessions for you to choose from. Pick the session that best fits your budget and style.

Q.) What do you charge for your session fee?

A.) Session fees are noted on our prices page. We charge different sessions fees based on how much time we will be spending with you to get the images you want. The session fee now includes all of your images on DVD.

Q.) Do you still sell prints?

A.) Yes, We can still offer you prints if you like but you can print your own with the images on the DVD. We recommend MPIX. However all of ourr images are professionally printed, retouched, and saturated to make the images pop off the page. We now offer discounted prices on professionally printed items we sell. Plus we can mix them up so you get the most for your money. See examples below.



We Let You Mix Them Up Any Way You Like


Q.) Where are we going to photograph my portraits?

A.) Anywhere you want. The world is our studio. The location is entirely up to you as long as it is near Houston or Galveston. We can make suggestions of locations if you like.

Q.) Do you shoot studio portraits or only outdoors?

A.) Good Question. I can do limited studio portraits at my residence studio if needed but we beleive that our "Enviromental Portraits" are
what most of our clients prefer. We get very creative when we are on locatiion and most of our best work happens there.

Q.) How long do your sessions last?

A.) It depends on which session you select. Typically they last about 1 to 21/2 hours. Rock Star sessions can last over 4 hours depending on the locations selected, clothing changes, and how well the session is progressing. We don't rush sessions. We typically only book one or two sessions a day so we are very flexible with our time.

Q.) What is the best time to have my senior portraits taken?

A.) We prefer to capture our images either early in the early morning or late in the afternoon. The quality of the outdoor light is best at those times. During the summer it is extremely hot and humid outside but our schedule is usually lighter. Early spring and late fall is our busy season and sessions can be difficult to get. Book early and take advantage of the weather and the beautiful blooming flowers. Remember with the changes in time during the fall our afternoons are very short so we like to try to start shooting those sessions around 2:30 or 3:00 PM if possible to have the best light. Summer hours we like to photograph later in the afternoon around 4:30-5:00 PM for our outside sessions.

Q.) What do I need to bring to the session with me?

A.) Bring whatever you want. A friend, relative, boy or girl friend, vehicle, letter jacket, sun glasses, awards, your favorite music, Ipod, sports equipment, this session is all about you and who you are at this phase of your life so bring whatever it is that is you!

Do bring several changes of clothes, cap and gown, sports uniforms, hats, swim suits, sun glasses, jewelry, make up, hair brush, jam box with your favorite music, sports equipment, pet (if they do not bite and you have someone to take care of it for you during your session) or anything else you might need or want included in your portraits. Also be ready to have a lot of fun.

Q.) What happens if the weather is bad?

A.) If the weather is too bad we will reschedule the session. Most of the time the weather here is favorable for outdoors photography. Cloudy or overcast days are wonderful for outdoors portraits. We may decide to shoot indoors. We usually only cancel if it is raining heavily or a thunder storm is near by.

Q.) What happens if I have to cancel my session?

A.) We understand that things change and we are willing to make schedule changes if that happens. However we can at certain times of the year be extremely busy and it may be months before we can reschedule your session. If at all possible before you book a session make sure that your schedule is clear the day you book your session.

Q.) When do I have to pay for my session?

A.) We require you pay for your session fee up front. A credit card is needed to reserve your session so please have it avaialble when you call to schedule.

Q.) What if I don't like my portraits?

A.) We GURANTEE all of our work and want you to love your portraits. If you are not happy we are not happy and will gladly reshoot the session again or refund your money. Please let us know before you accept or request your DVD that you are not happy or disappointed in your portraits and we will schedule a reshoot or refund your money. Please note that all images will be placed on our web site unretouched to allow you to view your proofs before we retouch them. If you are not satisfied you should request a reshoot after viewing your proofs and before any images are selected to be retouched.

Once images are retouched your final DVD with your retouched images and all additional unretouched proofs will be mailed or delivered to you.
No refunds will be given or reshoots rescheduled after you recieve your final DVD with your retouched portraits.

Retakes or rescheduled photo sessions must me taken at the original photo shoot location.

Q.) Why can't I get a refund after I accept my DVD or final prints?

With today's technology that allows images to easily be copied this is the only way we can protect ourselves against copyright violations and we need to make sure we are paid for our services. We don't allow any prints or DVD's to leave without full payment up front and a signature from you acknowledging you approve of the work and or happy with the results of our photography. If your images are damaged before you accept them we will gladly reorder them for you or give you a refund.

Once you accept your session DVD or order final prints and they leave our possession we can not refund your money because of the above mentioned potential of copyright violations.

Q. How do I make a reservation?

A.) Call us at 832-250-8897 and have your credit card ready. We will take care of the rest.

Q. How do I pay for my session?

A.) Credit cards must be used to reserve a session. We do accept cash or checks for your sessions once you arrive and will refund the credit card if needed.

Q. What if I decide not to show up for my session?

A.) We will keep the session fee as our retainer. We will make every available option to help you keep your session with us but we do not refund session fees on cancellations. The retainer will be applied as a print or session credit to your account with our studio.

Q.) When will my proofs prints be available for me to view them?

A.) We try to have DVD ready the following day. Once you select the images you want retouched from your session please allow us 7 days to work on them.

Q.) When will my final prints be ready for me to pick up?

A.) We always try to have final prints back with 2-3 weeks. Again depending on the labs schedule, season,and any retouching, texturing, mounting or enhancements we need to have applied it make take a little longer.

Q.) How long has Glamour Pixels been in business?

A.) We have been in business for over 32 years. Glamour Pixels is a division of Houston Event Photography and have just recently subdivided our company to better service our clients needs and to concentrate more exclusively on our senior high, beauty pageant and model portfolio photography business.

Q.) What if we want studio portraits?

A.) Glamour Pixels does offer studio portraits. However for most senior sessions we are trying to get away from the traditional look of studio portraiture and go for a more unique high fashion outdoors look. We know our style is different but that is what we are trying to achieve. We feel outdoors portraits allow us to achieve unique images that vary with the lighting conditions and the changing seasons and this can only be achieved outdoors. So if you want more traditional senior portraits we will gladly photograph them for you.

Q.) Do you provide the cap & gown for our portraits?

A.) No, due to schools constantly changing cap and gown vendors and styles we no longer provide them. If you want a cap & gown portrait please be sure and bring it with you. If you can't obtain one we do have a few colors and black gowns that can be used.

Q.) What are your qualifications?

A.) We are full time professional photographers. We are also members of the Professional Photographers of America, Texas Professional Photographers Association, Wedding Portrait Photographers International, and the Pro4um. All of these affiliates are professional organizations promoting professional photographers with certification and training.

We also are professionally trained in studio portrait and commercial photography. Our photographers have attended training from well know senior high photographers such as Larry Peters, Gary Box, Tim Babin and Kirk Voclain who are all well recognized glamour and senior portrait photographers.

We also attend The Texas School of Professional Photography at Texas A&M University annually to stay up with the latest trends and techniques of professional photography.

I hope we have answered some of your questions with this page but if you have any more not covered please give us a call or email us with your questions.


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revised 02/12/2013